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We are a group of private investors with variable professional backgrounds (finance, architecture, law, agronomy, ...) as well as the German investment company Mercurius AG ( We invest capital, know-how, people and our large network in projects that have a positive impact on the region they are located in and the people that are living in these regions, without ignoring the financial return. Our approach is strongly linked to the concept of "Social Market Economy" where a company does have a strong social responsibility for the community it works in, the people working for it and more generally, the human and social environment. Further, we believe that entrepreneurship makes a company and therefore, we invest in people and not in business plans.

We are actively looking for further investments in Africa, not only in the agro-industrial sector.  Our focus always lies on the entrepreneurial spirit of a project and its sustainable concept. 

Lutz is one of the founders of FruitBox Africa. He is a German and French qualified lawyer with extensive experience in investments in Africa. Lutz is a member of the Board of the German African Business Association and a frequent speaker at investment and impact conferences.

Lutz Hartmann
Founder and General Manager
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